The Japanese Buddhist Temple of Salinas‘ Mochi Festival will be held on Dec. 15. Come and watch mochi pounding, New Year’s festivities, and enjoy eating mochi. You can reserve orders (by Dec. 8) of 3 kinds of mochi: Regular mochi (rice cake): $5/lb Kazari (kagami) mochi (brings good luck): $5/set of 2 Anko (daifuku) mochi (stuffed with aduki bean paste): $5/set of 4 Just contact … Continue reading Mochi-Tsuki!

First Friday: Stories of Salinas Chinatown

Come and visit the Stories of Salinas Chinatown exhibit at the Historic Harvey House at the Salinas Train Station, free, this First Friday, June 7 (5 to 8 pm) and also on Saturday, June 8 (10 to 3 pm)! Snacks and drinks will be provided. The exhibit celebrates the history of Chinatown and its multiple ethnic communities, examines its present, and new plans for its … Continue reading First Friday: Stories of Salinas Chinatown

Reflections on Salinas Chinatown

On May 21st, at the John Steinbeck Library, Salinas-area Asian American historians, authors, and artists shared their creative journeys, research, and influences, withtopics reflecting the diverse Asian communities of Salinas. Great evening of sharing our writing, art, and cultural activism. Thank you, Salinas Public Libraries and ACE! And thanks to participants Gerry Low-Sabado, Larry Hirahara, Wally Ahtye, Kainoa Rocamora, Jean Vengua, and Richard Villegas. Thanks also to Cathy … Continue reading Reflections on Salinas Chinatown

CSUMB’s Visual and Public Arts and ACE, Part I – 2018

One of ACE’s valuable partners is CSUMB’s Visual & Public Arts (VPA) Department. Every Fall, students from Jesus Aguilar‘s Media and Public Arts class meet with ACE and create a project about Chinatown. This was the second project we had worked on with VPA. Many of the students are from outside Salinas, so they do not know much about Chinatown. But coming into the Republic … Continue reading CSUMB’s Visual and Public Arts and ACE, Part I – 2018

Moon Gate Plaza, Salinas Chinatown

Sun and Moon Gate Designs

Recently, Betsy Elizabeth Wilson of MidPen informed us that MidPen is now soliciting designs for the Sun and Moon Gate gates that will eventually be placed on the two Soledad St. entrances to Moon Gate Plaza. Finalists will receive a $1000 design fee to create a proposal for the two gates. Selected artist/s will receive a $5000 commission to develop their design. We thought you … Continue reading Sun and Moon Gate Designs

Tell your story — on film!

Image above from the Henry T. Gong collection. Got a story to tell about your life or your family’s life in Salinas? Here’s a chance for you to tell that story, and get it on film! The Salinas Public Library is offering a Free Digital Storytelling Workshop through Story Center, California Listens: Salinas Stories project. The deadline to apply is June 12. Coming up soon! … Continue reading Tell your story — on film!

Salinas Chinatown Asian Festival 2018

We hope to see you at our 2018 Asian Festival! Check out the ethnic food, historical exhibits, entertainment, and the classic Chinatown car show! And while you are there, check out the site of what will be the new Moon Gate Plaza apartment complex (90 units) and artist community, corner of Lake & Soledad Sts., and the new Nihonmachi Village complex on E. Rossi and … Continue reading Salinas Chinatown Asian Festival 2018