ACE at the Salinas Valley Food & Wine Fest

Recently, ACE held a pop-up museum at the Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival in downtown Salinas. The Festival provided us with the space. Henry Gong managed the pop-up. Cathy Chavez-Miller and her husband, Michael brought the tent and tables. Wally Ahtye provided invaluable help and great photos. They had a chance to meet and talk to many people in the festival setting. Thanks, all!

Copy of HenryGong_ACE 10-11-2014 Pop-up
Henry Gong with family photos and a photo of the Republic Cafe from the Wallace Ahtye Collection.

Copy of Henry Gong Collection
Some family photos from Henry Gong’s collection.

Copy of Henry Cathy Wally Jean 10-14-2014 popup
L. to R.: Henry Gong, Cathy Chavez-Miller, Wally Ahtye, Jean Vengua.

Copy of Wally Ahtye 10-11-2014 Pop-up
Wallace Ahtye.

ElFaro Restaurant ACE Popup 10-12-2014
Photo of El Faro Restaurant (L.) brought by Cathy Chavez Miller, and part of a photo of an earlier Asian Festival in Salinas.

FamilyPhotos ACE popup 10-12-2014
More family photos brought to the pop-up.


2 thoughts on “ACE at the Salinas Valley Food & Wine Fest

  1. Thank you Jean and Kristen for creating a lovely and colorful platform for the Asian Cultural Experience to showcase our Pop up Museums and events.


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