ACE Filipino American History Pop-up Museum

On October 18, ACE held another successful pop-up museum exhibit celebrating Filipino-American History Month at the John Steinbeck Library in Salinas. Thanks to Kristan, Carissa Purnell, and the Library staff for your support! Thanks also to ACE & FANHS members for helping out. We had a great time, looking at objects and images brought by participants, and talking with visitors. Below are some photographs capturing the event:

KristanAmaral_ACE pop-up 10-18-2014
Kristan Amaral from the J. Steinbeck Library helped us set up the pop-up. In the background are Richard Villegas (L.) and Jess Tabasa (R.)

FilipinoBooks.ACE popup_10-14-2014
The John Steinbeck Library staff had their own exhibit of Filipino-authored books.

Pinays 10-18-2014
A section of the exhibit; photo of pinays from the Jean Vengua Collection.

Al Baguio and Larry Hirahara ACE 10-18-2014 pop-up
Al Baguio (left), Larry Hirahara checking out the books (right).

Al Alex Lowellen and Vanessa 10-18-2014
Historian Alex Fabros came by for a visit: left to right: Al Baguio, Lowellen Sucgang, Vanessa Bautista, Alex Fabros.

Jess Tabasa and Susan Aremas with visitors ACE 10-18-2014
Jess Tabasa (foreground) and Susan Aremas (background), talking with visitors.

Jess and Wellington ACE popup  10-18-2014
ACE members Jess Tabasa (left) and Wellington Lee (right).

closeup of exhibit items ACE popup 10-18-2014
The pop-up museum is an informal museum exhibit created by participants who bring objects and images.

FranciscoGarcia at ACE popup
Visitor Francisco Garcia.

Jess and Uke 10-18-2014 popup
Jess Tabasa playing Nick Vengua’s ukulele.


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