Combining Contemporary Art with Historical Preservation

38 SoledadSt_photo_by_JVengua_edited

Recently the Chicago Field Museum received a Catherine T. MacArthur grant for a project that encouraged Filipino artists to create contemporary art based on objects and images from the museum’s Philippine collection. Mike Scutari writes:

The great thing about this project? Any museum can do it. All it takes is a handful of artists selecting — and in this case, painting — an artifact or piece from the museum’s existing collection. While the Field Museum is focusing on Filipino artifacts, other museums can naturally select other areas of interest. (Read the whole article HERE)

The project raises some interesting questions about cross-fertilizing approaches to historical preservation and education, encouraging us to look at ways in which the old informs the new and vice versa. Salinas Chinatown and its diverse cultures as seen through the eyes of photographers and artists, or voiced by writers and performers? ACE partnering with art groups? It’s definitely something worth thinking about.

In fact, we have already collaborated with a filmmaker, Silvia Turchin. Her haunting art films about the Republic Cafe and “Chinatown by Night” can be seen on the ACE Walking Tour website.


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