Hilario Camino Moncado

This pamphlet was recently donated to ACE, with a number of related items, from the Lila Vezzola collection. Featured is an undated 29-page essay by Hilario Camino Moncado, probably published during the 1930s, when the Philippines was a colony of the United States. It claims that Philippine independence would release the U.S. from its then economic woes:

525x800 PhilippineIndependence_Cover_Vezzola collection

800x590 PhilippineIndependence p4-5 Vezzola collection

Founder of the Filipino Federation of America, Inc., Moncado was a charismatic and controversial figure among Filipinos in the U.S., especially during the 1920s-40s. A number of his followers lived in Salinas Valley, and would go up to the hills near Salinas to meditate and fast, according to the spiritual and health regimens specified by Moncado. For more information, see Steffi San Buenaventura’s article, “The Master and the Federation.”


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