More photos from ACE at Salinas Founder’s Day 2015

More images from the ACE Pop-up Museum at the 1st Annual Salinas Founder’s Day, 2015. More photos to come! All photos here were taken by Jean Vengua.

Photographs from Henry Gong’s collection:
Copy of Henry Gong Photos 1 JVengua photo

Richard Villegas, Thomas Esmeralda, and Henry Gong (in the background) talking to visitors:
Thomas_Richard_ and Richard talking to the Crowd Salinas Founders Day 2015_JVengua photo

CSUMB student Qing Xu playing the uke:
Copy_Qhing Xu Founders Day 2015 JVengua

Thomas Esmeralda under the arch — as visitors gather around the ACE booth:
Thomas Esmeralda Founders Day Salinas 2015 JVengua

Listening to Assemblyman Luis Alejo. The ACE booth can be seen on the far right:
Listening to Luis Alejo Salinas Founders Day 2015_JVengua


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