Asian Fashion and Culture Night at the Steinbeck Library

From ACE Co-Chair, Cathy Chavez-Miller:

Just a brief note of thanks to all who helped create last night’s wonderful community gathering!

The five participating Asian American groups were beautifully dressed. The descriptions provided by the models brought their history and culture to life. The South Asian American children’s performance was fantastic.

More images soon.
Cathy Chavez Miller

Korean American participants modeled clothes and bowed to the audience:
Fashion Show1 3-17-2015 M Miller photo

South Asian participants modeled their clothing and did a dance performance:

Fashion Show2  3-17-2015 M Miller photos

Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino American groups also modeled clothing and gave talks about their cultures. We’ll provide photos of them, and more, soon. The children’s participation especially gave the event some wonderful energy, and the crowd clapped enthusiastically for them. It was great to have this variety of Asian groups from Salinas represented at the Fashion Show.

Richard Villegas at the ACE Salinas Chinatown in Style! Pop-up exhibit.
Fashion Show Pop-up 3-17-2015_M Miller photo


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