Strategic Planning Retreat

Earlier this year ACE received a strategic planning grant from the Community Foundation for Monterey County. Yesterday, Dec. 5, we had the first of two retreats; this one focused on broad themes: our vision, mission, and priorities. It was a resounding success. Thanks to our consultant Nicole Young for her expert guidance and facilitation, to the members who attended the retreat, to the Buddhist Temple of Salinas for providing us with space, and to the Community Foundation for Monterey County. It was a very productive retreat, and we are looking forward to the next one. Some photos, below:

Nicole Young gives us an overview…


Alice Lum, Larry Hirahara, Richard Villegas, and Rina Benmayor (foreground) in discussion, while Nicole writes. Also in attendance (not pictured here) were Jean Vengua, Cathy Chavez-Miller, Wellington Lee, Jess Tabasa, Henry Gong, and Al Baguio. On the right, some of the results of our brainstorming session.

Henry Gong during our lunch break. We placed photos and exhibit boards from our archive around the room to remind us of Salinas Chinatown’s legacy and history:





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