2016 Steinbeck Festival & Home Brew Fest

This year, ACE took part in both the National Steinbeck Center’s Steinbeck Festival, and in the Steinbeck Brew Fest, which was sponsored by both the Salinas Rotary Club, and the National Steinbeck Center. Co-chair Jean Vengua gave a talk at the Steinbeck Festival on “U.S. Filipino Periodicals & the Juan Steinbeck Poetry Society” and took part in a fascinating panel discussion afterwards. ACE had a pop-up exhibit on “Farm to Table: Markets, Meals, & Saloons” as part of the Brewfest. Thanks again to Susan Shillingworth of the NSC, the Rotary Club, and Jessica McKillip of the Oldtown Salinas Association for your invitation to participate!

Below: Henry Gong with a Salinas Californian article about his father; old photographs of Chinatown residents; Henry and friends talking about Salinas Chinatown’s nightlife, and one of his favorite subjects: marathon running!



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