Salinas Chinatown Inside Out

Yesterday, Virginia Becker photographed the people of Salinas Chinatown for the Inside Out Project, set up by CSUMB’s Service Learning Institute. Inside Out is the world’s largest participatory art project. Many these photographs will be blown up large and posted as a temporary art on a wall of one of the buildings on Soledad St. You can see some of the photos in the Chinatown/Salinas – August 26, 2016 Gallery, on the Family Album Project website.

I took a photo of Virginia Becker photographing Tai Chi instructor Leonard Han, of Monterey Bay Healing Tao. Leonard teaches Tai Chi in Chinatown.

Virginia Becker & Leonard Han 8-26-2016 photo by JVengua
Virginia Becker photographing Leonard Han. Photo by Jean Vengua 8-26-2016

Over a hundred people stopped in to be photographed. Many were the homeless who live in Chinatown or use the services at Dorothy’s place. Students, service workers, members of organizations, such as ACE, FANHS, or Dorothy’s Place, and business owners also had their photos taken. Even the dogs of Chinatown had their photos taken! Virginia created a happy ambience for the photo session that helped people relax and enjoy themselves. Many stayed after to watch their friends and family get photographed, and to see how the images came out. Thanks to Jeffrey Lehner of CSUMB Service Learning Institute and Virginia Becker for setting up this session and the project itself.

See a film about the Inside Out project.



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