Chinatown Health Center

Several members of ACE attended the preview and tour of the Salinas Chinatown Health Center today. The press was there, representatives of the City of Salinas, Dorothy’s Place, and various supporters and sponsors. The Health Center will initially be open part-time, and eventually will be available to the homeless population on a 24-hour basis. It will contain a female-identifying and male-identifying hygiene center (toilets, showers, towel laundry, and drinking water); it will also include a room for classes and meetings, clinical offices, and a Welcome Center.

Members of the De Asis family (owners of the previous business on the site) attended the preview today, and presented a welcome surprise donation of $10,000! The Health Center has been a much needed dream for the homeless and many others in Chinatown; we are all looking forward to its opening in October 2016. Things are moving quickly! Learn more about the Health Center by visiting the Dorothy’s Place website. Check out a recent KION Channel 5 report on the Salinas Chinatown Health Center. A few photos from the event, taken by Jean Vengua:

Two members of the De Asis family in the foreground. Jill Allen (the Director of the Health Center project and of Dorothy’s Place) speaks at the podium. Photo by Jean Vengua.
A description of the Hygiene Center.


Don Reynolds, City of Salinas Project Manager, speaks.
Description of the shower center with the building plan.
Description of the shower center with the building plan.
A senior low-cost housing development is going up just behind the Health Center. The roses in the foreground on the site where the MidPen affordable housing/artists community will be built on the corner of Soledad and E. Lake Sts.
A list of sponsors and supporters.
A list of investors and sponsors.

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