Support ACE with a Yummy Take-out Tri-tip Meal

Support ACE by purchasing a yummy Tri-Tip take-out dinner with meat from our local Star Market, cooked and served by members of the Buddhist Temple of Salinas! Besides its reputation for being delicious, the Tri-tip dinner serves 4 to 6 people, and comes with salad and rolls!

Supporting ACE helps us develop programs to preserve, promote, and enrich the history and multicultural identity of Salinas Chinatown—historically the home of the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino communities of Salinas. It gives us the tools to gather stories and photographs, interview Chinatown locals, and to implement our plans to improve Chinatown and create a cultural center and museum in the Republic Cafe.

Contact any of the three people below for tickets (which we can deliver or mail to you, as needed) and pick up your dinner at the Buddhist Temple, 14 California St., on November 12.trip-tip-2016


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