Dai-ichi Village Grand Opening in Salinas Chinatown

Today, ACE members attended the grand opening celebration of the Dai-ichi Village Senior Affordable Housing Development. Dai-ichi Village is located in the Japan town area of Salinas Chinatown, and is part of the 4-phase Haciendas housing development. The village consists of 41 units out of a total 190. The entire project is focused on removal and rehab of aged and deteriorated housing in Salinas, to help revitalize neighborhoods and inspire change in the community. Paul Davis architects named the village “Dai-ichi,” meaning “the first.” In fact, this is the first of several major building projects that are expected to revitalize the Chinatown neighborhood, and ACE members are excited to witness this important change in the area. Thanks to Starla Warren and staff of the Monterey County Housing Authority for your hard work on this project.


Ribbon cutting ceremony.



Haiku on side of building:

Old frog

Jumps into pond to

Sound of water



Starla Warren, Director of Development, Monterey County Housing Authority.


Larry Hirahara, Treasurer of ACE, and SDCB Board member, talking about the history of the Japanese community.

Gloria & Cathy at Daichi Village 11-17-2016.png

Salinas City Council member Gloria De La Rosa and ACE Co-chair, Cathy Chavez-Miller inside the Dai-ichi Village lobby.


Starla Warren, and her daughter, Sharde. Mayor Gunter in the background.


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