Aireene Espiritu: ACE/Asian Festival Fundraiser

We’re getting an early start on promoting our ACE / Asian Festival Fundraiser, featuring musician and vocalist Aireene Espiritu and the Itch, March 24, 2018, at the Filipino Community Center, on Calle Cebu St., Salinas, 2 to 5 pm. Check out the poster below for ticketing information. Your purchase of tickets will help support ACE and the Asian Festival programs to promote the history and culture … Continue reading Aireene Espiritu: ACE/Asian Festival Fundraiser

Salinas Chinatown Block Party: Images and Signs

It was wonderful to see many people attending the Chinatown block party. There was lots of great music, booths with free food, clothing, and services to help people transition into housing. Here are some photos of the party as a whole. Thanks again to the City of Salinas, all the different organizations, churches, CSUMB, musicians, and individuals who organized this event and made it successful. … Continue reading Salinas Chinatown Block Party: Images and Signs

Chinatown Oral Histories Project & Block Party – First Step to Housing: Nov. 18

ACE is now partners with CSUMB’s Visual & Public Arts Department (VPA). The first project will be presented at the Chinatown Block Party on Nov. 18, on Soledad St. in Chinatown. Beginning at 10 a.m., and continuing through the afternoon, Prof. Jesus Aguilar’s VPA 306S Digital Public Art class will present a series of signs (over 67 of them!) as interventions, and will document and … Continue reading Chinatown Oral Histories Project & Block Party – First Step to Housing: Nov. 18

ACE Tri-tip Takeout Time: Nov. 4

Ready for some Tri-tip BBQ? Support ACE by purchasing a yummy tri-tip take-out dinner with meat from our local Star Market, cooked and served by members of the Buddhist Temple of Salinas! Besides its reputation for being delicious, the Tri-tip dinner serves 4 to 6 people, and comes with salad and rolls! Supporting ACE helps us develop programs to preserve, promote, and enrich the history and multicultural identity of … Continue reading ACE Tri-tip Takeout Time: Nov. 4

ACE Pop-up Museum at Star Market – This Saturday, October 14!

  The ACE Pop-up Museum is coming to the Star Market this Saturday, October 14th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Star Market is located at 1275 S. Main St. in Salinas. The theme of the pop-up is “Farm to Table: Markets, Menus, and Meals.” ACE is partnering with the Star Market to promote our mission to preserve the history and cultural identity of Salinas … Continue reading ACE Pop-up Museum at Star Market – This Saturday, October 14!

“A Tribute to My Father”

It’s Filipino-American History month! Filipino student organizations and journals in the U.S. have a history of supporting Filipino American causes, writers, and artists. Journals like The Filipino Student (UC Berkeley, 1905), Liwanag (1975), Maganda (UC Berkeley, 1989), and Pinoy Know Yourself (UC Santa Cruz, 1973), were groundbreaking. ACE member Dom Siababa writes about the founding of CFFC, the first Filipino student organization at UCSC, its publication Pinoy Know Yourself: an Introduction to the … Continue reading “A Tribute to My Father”

Salinas Obon Festival 2017

I visited the Salinas Obon Festival yesterday, organized by the Buddhist Temple of Salinas. The placed was packed with festival-goers, lines forming at the food vendor tents for scrumptious Japanese food (and in one case, Filipino lumpia!), and to view bonsai and ikebana demonstrations, and Asian crafts. The Salinas Kendo Club demonstration, Obon Odori dancing, and San Jose Taiko were exciting! It was a very … Continue reading Salinas Obon Festival 2017