An Eye-opening Meeting

The Salinas Chinatown Revitalization planning process is in its beginning stages. Recently, MIG (planning consultants hired by City of Salinas) organized working group meetings with all the stakeholders to get their input.  MIG will also be constructing a website for the revitalization project. On April 5, I attended three of the working group meetings. One was for the Asian Community, one for technical advisors (city planners, … Continue reading An Eye-opening Meeting

Museums and Community Conflict

Lately we’ve seen a lot of conflict within communities across the nation. Here is a useful article by Melanie Adams, President of the Association of Midwest Museums, “Practical and Compassionate Advice on Museums and Community Conflict,” from Museum Commons. Excerpt: As institutions focused on learning, the most obvious answer is to provide educational opportunities for the community to gather and learn more about the issue. … Continue reading Museums and Community Conflict

Combining Contemporary Art with Historical Preservation

Recently the Chicago Field Museum received a Catherine T. MacArthur grant for a project that encouraged Filipino artists to create contemporary art based on objects and images from the museum’s Philippine collection. Mike Scutari writes: The great thing about this project? Any museum can do it. All it takes is a handful of artists selecting — and in this case, painting — an artifact or … Continue reading Combining Contemporary Art with Historical Preservation