The Oldest Rural Chinatown

Have you ever been to Locke, CA? Years ago, when I lived in the East Bay Area, my husband and I would drive up to the Sacramento Delta on weekends and go fishing. There we discovered that several tiny towns built near the levees were home to Chinese communities. The oldest such town is Locke, the oldest rural Chinatown in the U.S. Surprisingly, this town retains … Continue reading The Oldest Rural Chinatown

Museums and Community Conflict

Lately we’ve seen a lot of conflict within communities across the nation. Here is a useful article by Melanie Adams, President of the Association of Midwest Museums, “Practical and Compassionate Advice on Museums and Community Conflict,” from Museum Commons. Excerpt: As institutions focused on learning, the most obvious answer is to provide educational opportunities for the community to gather and learn more about the issue. … Continue reading Museums and Community Conflict