Chinatown Revitalization Tour with MIG

On December 5, the City of Salinas kicked off the Chinatown Revitalization planning project by giving MIG–its new lead consultant–a tour of the neighborhood and a visit with key stakeholders. You can read a copy of the MIG proposal for Salinas Chinatown Revitalization here. The tour began and ended at the new Chinatown Health Center, and in between it covered the Haciendas developments, Dai-Ichi Village, Salinas Buddhist … Continue reading Chinatown Revitalization Tour with MIG

Chinatown Health Services Update

Week 4, and Chinatown Health Services is doing well. Right now, we’re averaging 60 persons daily for showers and 63 persons daily for restroom use (each several times each day). In our first 19 days of service, we logged 758 showers! The Health Services Center provides relief and support for the homeless. Read “Changing lives: Chinatown Health Services Center Update” on the Dorothy’s Place website; then, give … Continue reading Chinatown Health Services Update

Next up for Salinas Chinatown…

Salinas Chinatown Health Services Center: Done. Dai-ichi Village senior affordable housing development: Done. Next up: Nihon Machi Village, with affordable multi-family housing, and MidPen affordable housing and artists community, 21 Soledad St. Groups that already have plans for using the MidPen facility include ACE, CSUMB, Urban Arts Collaborative, and others. We can do this with your support!…/affordable-housin…/94049892/ Republic Cafe sign. Photo by Jean Vengua Continue reading Next up for Salinas Chinatown…

Dai-ichi Village Grand Opening in Salinas Chinatown

Today, ACE members attended the grand opening celebration of the Dai-ichi Village Senior Affordable Housing Development. Dai-ichi Village is located in the Japan town area of Salinas Chinatown, and is part of the 4-phase Haciendas housing development. The village consists of 41 units out of a total 190. The entire project is focused on removal and rehab of aged and deteriorated housing in Salinas, to … Continue reading Dai-ichi Village Grand Opening in Salinas Chinatown