ChopsueyRepublic_photo by JVengua 2015

Our mission is to preserve, promote, and enrich the history and multicultural identity of Salinas Chinatown, historically the home of the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino communities of Salinas. ACE’s actions and efforts are guided by the following values and principles:

• Community – We embody the unity, cohesiveness, inclusiveness and sense of “place” that was vitally important to the immigrant communities that lived, worked, and gathered in Salinas Chinatown.

• Cultural & Historical Integrity – We tell the stories of the people of Salinas Chinatown, to deepen understanding of the strengths and struggles of the immigrant experience.

• Collaboration – We transcend cultural and ethnic boundaries, partnering with individuals, organizations, institutions, and communities to accomplish mutually-beneficial goals and enhance the impact of our efforts.

• Diversity – We represent and include the diverse faces, voices, and stories of Salinas Chinatown in all that we do.

• Integration & Adaptation – We honor the past, while simultaneously looking for new and creative ways to integrate Salinas Chinatown’s history and multicultural identity into present and future community life.

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